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Why is it important that I have my chimney cleaned and inspected every year?


If a chimney isn't inspected than there are many problems that can arise. The most dangerous of these problems is Chimney Fires and worse, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. These problems can pose a large threat to not only your home but to your family. Your fireplace and dryer vents are the most common places where Carbon Monoxide is emitted or has the right conditions to cause a fire. Because of this it is very important that you have your chimney and dryer vents cleaned every year.

Mike Weaks Chimney Sweep employees have many years of experience in the field. We've built chimneys from the ground up and understand what it takes to keep them in proper condition. We understand how important safety is but also how important your budget is. So we offer the lowest prices for the best service in the business.

Your home will be as clean as a whistle when we leave!