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But my house is new…

With older homes it isn't unheard of to see a chimney without a flue liner. This can be very dangerous because this greatly increeases the chances of you and your family being exposed to Chimney Fires or worse Carbon Monoxide. It's not that your house was built incorrectly, your chimney just need a facelift so that it meets the codes of today. Like many things in life, with time we learn new ways to protect our loved ones.

I have an old house…

Do I Need Repairs?

You may not always know when something is wrong with your chimney. Carbon Monoxide for example can neither be seen nor smelled. Some wait until smoke begins to fill the room or until they see water dripping into their firebox.  If your chimney is swept and inspected every year it is possible to see the problem before it becomes something serious.
Of course with time your chimney will need repairs due to the wear and tear from regular use over the years. 

First, congrats on the new house!

However even in newer homes there can still be Chimney Failure. No one is perfect and many times when houses are built there isn't a chimney professional. Because of this your chimney may not only be up to code but it may also be a danger to your home.  We recommend even with new homes that your chimney be inspected. If left unchecked it may become a fire hazard. By scheduling an appointment you can be assured that if there is even a single problem with your chimney that Mike Weaks Chimney Sweep will keep you and your family safe.

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