Chimneys help keep the air within your home breathable just as the vents within your rooms do. However, unlike vents, chimneys require professional care. Mike Weaks Chimney Sweep has many decades of experience cleaning and repairing chimneys of all kinds.

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Chimney Failure is caused by a poor basic structure of the chimney. This can be very dangerous to your home allowing carbon monoxide to escape through the cracks before the second chimney has the chance. As discussed before, chimney fires can loosen the mortar joins and continuous fires can cause cracks that crumble with continuous use. With carbon monoxide entering your home, it is possible brain damage and death can occur before the problem is found.

With inspections done yearly you greatly reduce the risk of encountering these dangers.


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Having your chimney inspected and swept annually helps prevent these dangers and ensures the safety of you and your family.

The three most serious problems that result from poorly maintained chimneys are:


The truth is that not all fires and other kinds of damage can be prevented. However, most can and by having your chimney and dryer vent cleaned and inspected annually you are taking the first steps in protecting your family and home. Mike Weaks Chimney Sweep is family owned and operated. We've been serving the Middle Tennessee Area for over a hundred years. We understand how devastating fires can be to your home and take pride in both our knowledge and ability to help prevent these disasters.

Chimney Fires too are often caused by poor chimney maintenance. Creosote builds in the chimney over time and appears as a black gel like substance that build on the chimney flue. If not inspected, creosote can catch fire. These fires can reach temperatures up to 2,000 degrees and cause cracks as well as loosen the mortar joints. Because of their high temperatures, these fires spread quickly and can consume your home trapping people inside.



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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning claims about 400 lives every year and sickens at least 20,000 more. Many of these deaths are the result of poorly maintained chimneys. It is a by product of combustion and can neither be seen nor smelled.  Low levels of exposure can cause flu like symptoms while higher levels of exposure cause headaches, vomiting, and even death. It fools the body into thinking it is oxygen and affects everywhere including the brain.

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These dangers can be avoided however…

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